If you are visiting Oaxaca or wish to send items by mail, the following are always needed at our center...

Our Address in Oaxaca is:

Centro de Esperanza Infantil A.C.
Crespo # 308 Colonia Centro
Oaxaca, Oax.
C.P. 68000 Mexico

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Item NeededNotes
Item NeededNotes
Antibacterial hand cleaner  
Board games Spanish or English 
Brushes and combs  
Children's Books In Spanish 
Children's vitamins  
Lice treatment shampoo  
OTC Painkillers E.g. Children's Tylenol 
Pepto Bismol  
Re-hydration solution  
School supplies Pens, pencils, paper, pads, etc. 
Shampoo, conditioner, soap, Q-Tips, etc.  
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss  
Topical antibiotics E.g. Neosporin 
Showing 14 items