Due to the nature of the work we do and the culture and background of many of the children we serve, Oaxaca Streetchidren Grassroots & Centro de Esperanza Infantil enforce a culturally appropriate dress code.

Please remember that the children we work with come from a very different culture than most volunteers serving at the center have experienced. Your dress while volunteering at the center should always demonstrate the utmost respect for the children and families in the cultures we serve.

Concerning dress...

  • Shirts should come all the way to the waist
  • Jeans are acceptable if there is a top that covers the midriff

Concerning appearance..

  • Aside from pierced ears, we ask that you remove any visible body piercings while working with our organization
  • Every volunteer should bring a dress shirt/blouse, dress slacks, good jeans and perhaps a nice sweater to wear for special occasions, funerals, visits to schools, medical offices, government offices, etc.
  • Common sense should dictate your appearance. Any clothing or accessories that might be deemed provocative or inappropriate should be avoided
    If you have any questions regarding what to wear, please ask