Volunteer Information

If you plan to be in Oaxaca  and would like to volunteer at the center we often have opportunities to volunteer.  Note that we get many requests to volunteer and it is best to make arrangements in advance. We sometimes have work for  walk ins as well, so please come visit us at the center if you are in Oaxaca. Please use the "Contact Us" link at left to check on volunteering opportunities.

We Need You...

Our organization has a regular need for volunteers. We could not operate the center and serve the children without the help of our many volunteers .

Volunteering at our center offers:

A friendly environment and the chance to work side-by-side with dedicated volunteers from around the world

  • The opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children
  • The opportunity to experience  life in a beautiful colonial city in the mountains of southern Mexico
  • The chance to experience the fascinating tapestry of indigenous cultures that surrounds the city of Oaxaca 
  • The opportunity to learn or improve Spanish
  • The opportunity to have a sustaining experience of service that will change your life

 We Ask Volunteers

To respect the children we serve, their parents, culture, and religion. The experience of children served by our center is often very different than that of our volunteers.

  • To realize they have undertaken a serious commitment in their role as a volunteer and that their work is as important as that of our paid staff
  • To keep cultural differences in mind an to act appropriately in the context of those differences
  • To abide by the rules set out in the Policy and Procedure Manual
  • To be punctual and professional in all aspects of duties as a volunteer
  • To dress in a culturally appropriate manner 

Typical Volunteer Positions

  • Assisting in the kitchen
  • Assisting in the library
  • Working with the children in the computer lab
  • Translating letters (for Spanish Speakers)
  • Working with the children with art and other projects
  • Other duties as assigned

Note:  All or a portion of your travel, lodging and meal expenses may be tax deductible during your time as a volunteer. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.

For more information:  Contact Us

Thank You!