The state of Oaxaca Mexico is a fascinating tapestry of indigenous cultures making it a favored tourist destination but, Oaxaca remains one of Mexico's poorest states with many of its inhabitants living in dire poverty. Many Oaxacan families subsist on just a few dollars a day, children sleep on dirt floors in tiny shacks, and clean drinking water and basic sanitation are unavailable.

These issues coupled with the economic needs of those in the state's isolated rural regions often force children and their families to move to Oaxaca City (the capital) in search of safety and a better life. Once there, poor children families are often no better off than they were in the villages they left. Survival often depends on the youngest members of the family selling trinkets to tourists on the street. Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots breaks this cycle by giving participating children the opportunity to attend school and gain the skills necessary to become successful and contributing members of Mexican society.