Long term commitment
Sponsorships are intended to be long term commitments. When people choose to sponsor they should plan to support a child through their school years.
What sponsorships do
Your donation covers one year of school tuition, uniforms, dress shoes, tennis shoes, school supplies and services at our center. Some of these services include assistance in getting birth certificates and other documents necessary to attend school, a nutritious meal six days per week, access to our library, computer lab, tutoring and all the other services our staff and volunteers provide.
About the Mexican educational system
Kindergarten- three years
Primary- six years (this is the end of required education in Mexico)
Secondary- three years
Preparatory- three years
University- four to five years depending on career path
What sponsorships cost
Kindergarten through secondary school sponsorships are $250 USD per year
University students sponsorships are $500 per year (or if you prefer you can pay one half of a university student sponsorship at $250 per year)
Your child
We seek to match you with with a primary or secondary school child at your request when possible. In some cases, however, you will be assigned the child in most need.
How long it takes to be assigned a child
Once your sponsorship donation is received , a child will be assigned to you in Oaxaca and you will receive information about the child including a yearly report on their progress. Normally assigning a child takes
2-3 weeks.
Communicating with your child
Once you start your sponsorship we encourage you to send a photograph and letter to your child and continue communication as you desire. In the culture of our children being a “Godparent” can be very meaningful. Many of our sponsors have chosen to travel to Oaxaca to meet their child in person.
The easiest way to "mail" your child is to scan documents and photos and e-mail them to our center in Oaxaca at this address:  Staff or volunteers at the center will be happy to translate your communications if you are a not a Spanish speaker.  You may also send communications to your child at our U.S. address.  Note that unless a board member's trip to Mexico is pending these communications will be scanned and e-mailed as well.
Donations to children and their families
We do not accept donations to individuals, but gladly accept donations to our general fund.  We believe your gift is the education you are providing your child. Personal monetary gifts may lead to inequality amongst our sponsored children and we seek to serve them all. Gifts to the General Fund help all of our children and reserves money for emergencies when our children or their families are in need.
Making initial or renewal sponsorships
Follow the "Sponsor" link at the bottom of this page.


Oaxaca Streetchildren General Fund
Donations are always welcome. In addition to supporting children through sponsoring we ask that you consider donations to the Oaxaca Streetchildren Fund. Your donations are critical to maintain the services of the Centro de Esperanza Infantil to the more than 600 children served by this program. The Oaxaca Streetchildren Fund provides food for nutritious lunches, medical care, educational supplies, workshops for parents and children, operational expenses for the center, support to children without sponsors, and much much more. We thank you for helping to make a difference in the life of a child.
Tax status
Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots Inc, is recognized as a 501 (3) (c) charitable organization in the United States. On receipt of your donation, you will receive a letter that may be used for tax purposes. Please check with your tax advisor in regard to charitable donations concering your individual tax situation.
David Slaymaker, President
Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots, Inc.
P.O. Box 2219
Benton, Arkansas 72018

Sponsor or Donate Now
To begin the process of sponsoring a child or making a donation, please click the SPONSOR button below. You will be directed to an online form to fill out. Please complete the form whether you donate electronically or by mail.  Once your sponsorship has been received, you will be paired with a child. On behalf of the children served at our center, our sincerest thanks!
Change a life... for less than .70 cents  a day you make the difference! 

Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots, Inc. is an approved 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Contributions to our organization are may be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor for information