Gifts to Children

Tax deductible gifts to individuals through a 501 (c) (3) charitable organizations such as Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots are prohibited by IRS regulation. However, small gifts to a sponsored child to celebrate birthdays or special occasions can be a meaningful part of the sponsorship relationship. To make a non-deductible gift to your child directly to our center in Oaxaca use the Pay Pal button below. Please note: 

                                               1.  Donations are in Mexican Pesos.  Please know the exchange rate before you donate to                                                          ensure you send the proper amount.

                                                2. The Pay Pal site is in Spanish. To change to English, you can click "English" at the bottom                                                       of the second step (page) in the PayPal donation process.

                                                3.  Remember to complete the special instructions to seller field in the Pay Pal transaction                                                           so staff at the center properly credit the gift to your child. Click below to give a small gift                                                         and thanks