Q: Where do I mail my donations?

Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots Inc.
P.O. Box 2219
Benton, AR 72015

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots, Inc.

Please be specific on the memo line, as to the purpose of the donation, such as the General Fund (or specifically for the Medical or Food Fund), Jodi's Fund or a specific child that is being sponsored. If you're sponsoring a child, please write the child's name in the memo line.
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Q: May I volunteer? How do I get involved?

Yes, you may, but there are different times of the years when the need is greatest. The best thing to do is fill out the volunteer form and communicate directly with the office in Oaxaca as to the time that you will be traveling there and the need that might exist at the time. By volunteering at the office, one can take a tax deduction proportionate to the amount of time that one volunteers. This might reduce your travel, lodging and meal expense. Speak with a certified tax accountant to see if this applies to you.  
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Q: May I sponsor a child immediately?

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Children are added to our program usually before the beginning of school. So the spring and summer tend to be the time that children and their families are investigated regarding their need. Hence if you inquire about sponsoring a child in November, it might be two to four months before a child is assigned to you and you receive information from the staff in Oaxaca regarding that child.

Q: May I specify sponsoring a girl or boy?

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No, years of experience has shown us that the creator does not allow us to specify the gender of the child that comes to us in need. By allowing sponsors to choose the sex of the child, we often had to pass over needy children. As an organization our mission is to provide help to all needy children; thus, the decision was made to disallow the choice of gender. You may specify a primary or secondary school child, but the more requirements you make the longer it might take to fulfill your request. 

Q: How might I develop a relationship with the child or their family?

The easiest way is to communicate via letter or card. We'll print your e-mails and give them to your children.
If you prefer the postal way, cards from the US cost 60 cents per ounce. It is best to mark the envelope "Air Mail" on both side.
A simple birthday or holiday cards with photos of you and your family or favorite pet, go a long way to establishing a relationship. For special occasions as a birthday, you might also enclosed $5-10 in cash as a gift. Larger gifts for the family, should be sent to the US Treasurer with a note explaining the purpose. The funds will be deposited and communicated to the office in the next deposit report. So for instance, during the New Year holidays, you can mail a card with photos, but gifts in excess of $10 or $20 should be run through the U.S. office, thereby adding a level of security. Of course, traveling to Oaxaca and spending time with the children and their families, as often as one can afford the travel, is always encouraged and welcomed.

Q: May I mail gifts?

Yes, but don't mail them to the US office. Mailing gifts or articles of clothing to the office in Oaxaca might prove expensive relative to the gift and it is possible that tariffs might be charged to the office. Therefore, while you may mail gifts, cash gifts are always the simplest and permit you child or the family to purchase what they really need.

Q: I do not live in the U.S. May I mail a foreign check?

Foreign checks, or checks that do not have an ABA (American Banking Association) number will be sent out for "collections," of which the fee can be as high as $60. Foreign checks, including Canadian, are discounted at the prevailing currency exchange rated, typically at a $15 charge. The simplest method of sending money from abroad is to send us money via our online tools.  If that is not possible, you can purchase a bank or travelers check (American Express, Citibank, etc.) that is drafted on a corresponding bank in the U.S. It can be mailed regular post to the U.S. and there are no additional fees charged to deposit this kind of check.
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Q: May I wire funds?

Yes, you may. Note that the sending and receiving banks do charge a service fee, typically about one-half of 1 percent. If you are interested in a wire transfer, e-mail us requesting wiring instructions.

Q: May I donate stock or other securities?

Yes you may. If the securities are international in origin, you might have to have your brokerage house liquidate them for you and then wire the proceeds to our account in the US. Please email your interest to us and we'll send instructions on donating securities.

Q: Can I support my sponsored children in my will?

Yes, through a codicil, you can add Oaxaca Street Children, Grassroots and your sponsored child to your will with specific instructions for how the funds will be disbursed. For instance, continuation of their education fees and the establishing of an emergency fund for their family.